For the first half of her life, Evita was an overweight, depressed, sad woman with acne on her face and body. In 2000, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and instead of seeing it as a death sentence, saw it as a wake-up call for transformation. 

She healed herself naturally by following a strict detox protocol, a high carb raw vegan diet and conscious awakening. She lost 83 lbs in just a few months; became a photomodel and an authority in the booming wellness industry. She ventured to become a Celebrity Health Coach, Corporate Wellness Consultant, and Digital Entrepreneur to help millions of people across the world.

Today, Evita Ramparte is a Health Coach to Celebrities & CEOs, Business Mystic, and Force for Transformation. She is a public speaker and international bestselling author of 'The Bliss of Cancer', 'Badass Detox' and 'Viva La Cleanse'. You are invited to join Evita's Signature Program 100% FREE.

Evita empowers her clients with mindset and practical tools to simplify their life and develop rituals of high performance and holistic lifestyle. She inspires leaders to function at their highest vibration, be 'Alpha'.

Evita Ramparte is a business consultant and mentor. She is the CEO & Founder Alpha Female House, an international publishing platform helping coaches to write and publish their own books, establish personal brand, and build a successful online business.

She resides with her family in Southern California. She holds double MA Degree in Comparative Studies of Religion and a Post-graduate Degree in Journalism and Mass-Communication. She is a former journalist, TV reporter, and contributor to Cosmopolitan and Newsweek. You may know her from the American documentary 'Hungry for Change' and 'Food Heals' Podcast.