The Best Sexy Detox Is Why You Should Eat Like An Ape


Fruit makes your mouth water. That’s already a sign your body naturally craves it. It is sensual pleasure for your tongue and the healthiest food you can eat, Chimp!

If you are thinking weight loss, think fruit. If you are think- ing muscles, think fruit. Fruit is the magic behind the victories of the Olympians.

If you are interested to champion your life, go fruit yourself! It is the simplest jungle diet you can imagine. Add some tender leafy greens, make salads or eat mono-meals, and have fun!

There are two principle sources of energy on the Planet that are embodied in fruit – the energy of the sun and the energy of water. It is also bathed in wind which is the third source of power on the Earth. What if your body is a sports vehicle? Would you like to power it up?

Here's a free audio is a fast track introduction into into your 'ape lifestyle' - the best sexy detox on the planet - the easiest, shortest, fastest and most effective way to lose weight, boost your libido and become unstoppable.

The high carb raw vegan lifestyle is marked by high quantity of fruit in daily intake. A high carb raw vegan lifestyle is the frontier, the cutting edge of raw vegan movement and wellness for healing, beauty, and athletic performance.

It is highly criticized, and hotly debated by doctors, nutritionists and naturopaths, as well as health gurus and bestseller authors on raw food and the superfoods movement.

Yet, everything boils down to performance. The body never lies. For this reason, ultra-performance athletes are adopting the high carb raw vegan lifestyle.

Fruit provides hydration that our human body requires, carbohydrates that power our brain and muscles, and antioxidants for rejuvenation and fibre for digestion.

You cannot overdose on fruit. It cleanses on the go. The worst thing that can happen to you when you eat fruit is that you are going to poop!

Your transition into the high carb raw vegan lifestyle requires cleansing and detoxing before your body is able to switch completely.

Ready for your best sexy detox?

Tune in!

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