Tantric Sex Was Born From The Hottest Big Bang Ever

Tantric sex was born from the belief that the universe was created by the hottest big bang ever

Tantric sex was born from the belief that the universe was created by the hottest big bang ever

Tantric sex started thousands of years ago in Ancient India. 

India was an abundant, luscious, spiritual empire, way before it was invaded by Islam or British puritanism... thousands of years B.C.

The ancient people of India had a very interesting religion. They believed two Gods made love - Shiva and Shakti. From their passion - from their orgasm, the Universe was created. 

This belief gave a beginning to the culture of Tantra ... giving permission for pleasure, making pleasure a priority and honoring sexual expression as holy. 

A radically different idea than the way we Westerners were taught to think. We were told a story of a woman who ate an apple from the wrong tree, and we know that didn't go too well. In Western culture, every time a woman reached out for power and pleasure, she had a problem with the establishment.

In Ancient India, a multi-orgasmic woman was revered as a goddess, vortexing the life-force of the Universe. Tantric temples were built in India, where the lovers would bathe each other, massage and make love. Orgasm was regarded as communion with the Divine, a gateway to meet with the Creator, a moment of bliss when you are in Heaven. That moment of Oneness, when your mind gets out of the way and your sense of ego disappears.

Research was done in Ancient Tantric Temples. The ancients wanted to know how to make a man last forever, experience whole body bliss and multiple waves of pleasure. They wanted to know how to make women ejaculate with Amrita. They were unbiased, shame-free and scientific. Virtually everything we know about sex comes from this time and place in history. Our sexual origins are written in Sanskrit. 

Tantric Sex may be the Earth's first religion.

Indians had a spiritual motivation to study sexual energy. In their innocence, they knew no shame of pleasure. They recognized sexual energy as the most powerful force in Nature, and were very disciplined about it. Pleasure to them wasn't good or bad, it was just powerful. It was a force to be reckoned with. It brought people into the world. 

Imagine, growing up as a little boy or a little girl in a culture that honors pleasure, in every sense of the world. From the way you are conceived to the abundance of fruit, music, color and dance in daily art surrounding you. Imagine, asking your parents how you were conceived and hearing them tell you truth: 'You were born out of our pleasure.' Imagine, inquiring into the origins of creation, the way the Galaxy was made, the Milky Way in the sky and everything around and being told, its all an expression of a divine love-making of the Feminine and Masculine.

You'd be a child in a civilization that is so fearlessly advanced as to make pleasure a priority, where no one is sexually famished, starved for love, attention and touch, where no one as a result is obsessed with sex. A culture that knows no need, no use for prostitution, or child molesting because it is sexually fulfilled and spiritually uplifted.

Imagine, growing up aware of the Yin and Yang dance that perpetually goes on in the Cosmos and the force of love and attraction that we simply take for granted.

You would know pleasure has sponsored you to this world. You would recognize you are made of pleasure, every bit of you. You would know pleasure creates life, creates abundance, health and wealth. You would make pleasure priority number one in your life.

You would be confident and sovereign in your chakras, in your body, feeling ecstatically alive. You would never buy into the idea that pleasure is forbidden, that it is evil or needs to be traded. You would know through tantric sex that pleasure is prayer and your body is a temple. You would own it and you would be at peace.

You would know the entire Universe started from the Hottest Big Bang Ever.