3 Keys To Building Intimacy with a Man While Creating Success In Business

'Expressing masculine qualities to compete in business, can sabotage intimacy with your man in the bedroom.'Β Photo by Jana Cruder, 'Spirit in the Sky' Exhibit

'Expressing masculine qualities to compete in business, can sabotage intimacy with your man in the bedroom.' Photo by Jana Cruder, 'Spirit in the Sky' Exhibit

Smart and successful, you are tired of being ruled and long to break free. You are pigeonholed in an office cell, dreaming of staying home with your children, while creating an income that allows for unprecedented freedom and travel.

You yearn to be yourself, in body and mind.

You hunger for rejuvenation.

You long for love and crave intimacy with a man.

How can you express yourself in a business that you love without sacrificing the best parts of yourself?

By nurturing your three key feminine aspects: feminine power, intuition and physical body, and allowing them to fully express through you in both business and love, you can create a life of wealth in all areas.

1. Unleash Your Feminine Power

For many successful women, mastering male strategies and β€˜bending over backwards’ is the only way it seems possible to create success in a male dominated business world.

By day, you are a business maven, a powerhouse of male tactics, forced to shrink and deny your nature.

You refuse your most powerful feminine intelligence: your innate wisdom, your natural tendency to envision and create, and your deep compassion for others.

Denying your feminine intelligence and expressing masculine qualities to compete in business, can sabotage intimacy with your man in the bedroom.

To embrace your archetypal feminine wisdom, to nourish and unleash your feminine aspects, this is the way you attract and hold onto true love.

2. Deepen Your Intuition

Functioning more as left-brain, logical, linear and masculine adds fuel to your business life and leaves you feeling unsatisfied and unfulfilled in the bedroom.

Whether your financial success is mediocre or massive, it is overshadowed by un-fulfillment as a woman.

Your man is searching for sweet and feminine, a woman he can yearn for and protect. He craves for someone who softens him from the harshness of his male nature. Your feminine energy carries him out of his mind and nurtures his soul. Once fulfilled as a man, he realizes the sense of purpose in everything he does.

Allow your feminine intuition, including your ferocious nature. Instinctively harnessed for protecting your β€˜cubs,’ it can be a powerful tool for other work.

In the business world, feminine intuition can guide you to work only with your ideal clients, say β€˜no’ when you feel it’s right, and always get paid what you are worth.

Deepening your intuition allows you to align with your feminine wisdom and be guided by your true nature.

3. Nourish Your Feminine Body

What does the nine to five lifestyle do to your feminine beauty?

The unnatural domestication of competing up the corporate ladder constricts your femininity in nylon tights and polyester suits.

The deceptions of the feminist revolution have left many women tied to a desk, swallowing their pride between sips of coffee and bites of empty, sugary food.

Aging faster now, you may have low energy, regular migraine headaches and ongoing depression. Weight gain and cellulite are just a matter course.

Or are they?

Choose to embody your feminine beauty and nourish your female body, or risk losing it.

By caring for yourself, nurturing your body with delicious, raw, organic food and making detox cleansing part of your every day life, you age more gracefully, exponentially catapult your energy and regain your feminine body.


How can you have both business success and true love at the same time?

By embracing your feminine aspects, you are able to create the income and life you dream of.

You work from home and are able to provide support for your children when they need it.

Your Internet street smarts and flexible business model, allow you to travel when the feeling strikes, taking your office with you, anywhere you go.

You earn money doing what you love, while helping others all across the planet.

You are a leader in business and life. You do business your own way, embracing strategies that express your most powerful and natural aspects, while at the same time nurturing your most important relationships.

Your feminine body and feminine intelligence holds the power to attract anything you want, including a business you love and a man that adores you. Guaranteed. 

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