Alpha Female House - Interviewing Bestselling Authors & Entrepreneurs

Have you noticed how it all begins? It is like a romance... It is just like dating... You make eye-contact, you smile, you talk and you accept a date... Before you know it, you might be in love..

In the world of bestselling authors and online entrepreneurs, this seductive communication takes place with the power of a book. You see it online... On Amazon or Kindle. You read it overnight and get a glimpse into the mind of the Author. You come across a post on Facebook, sharing a free ebook. You enter your email and you are invited for a webinar, you love the stuff and - bam - you whip out your credit card. If you love the stuff a lot, the Author's coaching program or mastermind, before you know it - you are packing up for a retreat!

This month I have decided to spotlight Bestselling Authors and Online Entrepreneurs

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I interviewed Rachel Feldman, the business coach to health coaches, Anaiya Sophia, the priestess of an almost forgotten faith, Nilima Bhat, an international leadership expert, Parul Agrawal, my dear friend and bestseller expert, Norman Plotkin, a former California lobbyist, Maria Halas, the Columbian immigrant who found love & success through Ho'oponono, Dr Sky Blossoms, America's No 1 expert on relationships, Jaida Simone, the rebel behind the Erotic IQ needed to make relationships work, and many many more...

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It's been a lot of fun!

Now, you know what you need to do in order to establish your authority and lead... Write a book. Launch a movement, and let me interview you!!

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