10 Reasons Why I Don’t Do #METOO...

Photo Jana Cruder

Photo Jana Cruder

The World Wide Web recently has bursted with the #METOO Campaign. Social media channels are full of women sharing their stories of how they have been abused by men. #METOO stands for 'me too have been abused'. One wonders if it's a spontaneous victim contest of - hey - who has been abused more? Or is it's really way more than that.. 

Here's My 10 Reasons Why I Don't Do #METOO.

1. Because I create my own reality and I own my shit. I have created it ALL. That’s how creative I am. So I don’t affirm myself being a victim of “abuse” - even though I went through my own hell as a little girl and as a woman, I know for fact I myself have created it for my highest evolution and today I use it as a tremendous source of strength.

2. Because I have forgiven those men for my own sake and for my own freedom following the advice of Buddha who once said: “Unforgiveness is like drinking poison and hoping someone else would die”. 

3. Because I am a powerful woman, and I am not a little girl that’s going to buy into “me, me” games: “It’s all because of him”. No, sorry. I have let my guard down. I have lowered my own standards. I have been not vigilant (🍹 Girls, Do You Drink Alcohol??🍷 ). I ended up giving my ALL, the Holly of Hollies, way to easily. When it was my part to challenge the man and wait, wait, wait for him to prove beyond a doubt that he is a Real Man, ready to give his life for me and our children. I know I have been programmed by women’s glossy magazinese to give myself easily! (Trust me, Girl... I used to write for Cosmo!)

4. Because today I am sexually educated and empowered with Tantra, and Taoist Erotic Arts. Aware that the Brain is the biggest sexual organ there is and responsible for how I Channel my own creative Sexual Energy.. up up into my Heart ❤️ and into my Third Eye... into my Crown 🤴 And I know there is nothing to fear. I know a man will not violate my boundaries unless I myself do let them down. Not because he isn’t capable of it, but because of the Presence I exude and the charm I cast over him.. It renders him utterly powerless...

5. Because I know who invented Feminism. Zionist writings say: “We shall send their Women against their Men and destroy the strength of their Families”. I see it played out today in Media - right in front of our eyes, and some of the 🌈  Kumbayya Spiritual Women 🦄  now fall for the feminist script of Divide and Rule 'Us vs. Them'. (Hey! What about Oneness and Unconditional Love ❤️, huh? Does it end where men start??)

6. Because I know too well how they successfully emasculated Scandinavian men in European Union 🇪🇺... Where men go dutch at the dinner table, won’t pick up a suitcase, or by a girl a drink 🥃  because that’s how they’ve been trained by the Feminist Agenda... (Thank God that doesn’t work in America... In the USA, men pay for dinners, for rent, for boob-jobs, and for the Gucci bag... Get fake sex, and are still treated like shit!)

7. Because I am raising a boy in the USA, where the rate of suicide among boys and men is way higher than in female population, and rising... in a world where people are ignorant about the Sacred Power of Sexual Energy, and where the only source of sex education for men and for women is PORN! (Think. What else is a man going to learn about sex if not violence and abuse? What are you learning as a woman if not submission to violence and abuse? What does porn have to do with love, intimacy and pleasure? Nothing. It's an Addiction like Cocaine.)

8. Because I know as a Feminine Woman, who is choosing consciously to be strong in her Feminine Energy, I am way powerful than a Masculine Man. (Ask Jet Lee: “Yin is more powerful than Yang”. The Green Dragon 🐊  will always surrender to White Tigress 🐯...)

9. Because as the Spiderman told you “with great power comes great responsibility”, in a much the same way, with great reesponsibility comes great power... So I choose to be responsible for EVERYTHING I experience in my own life. ALL of it. 100%. It’s MINE. I own it all! I am 100% responsible for the way things go in my relationships. Not 50. 💯!!! (That I learnt from the Navy Seals, Babe!!)

10. Because I love ❤️ men, and I love to flirt, I love to receive, and be grateful.. And I love making love ... And, Darling, it is ALL on my terms. I am HOT as Hell and hard to get as Heaven.

Thanks 🙏 to all the life lessons that you call “Abuse” and I call “Power” - I have learnt to recognize a Real Man, learnt how to love him, how to ask of him and how to receive with grace, how to let go of fear, how to trust and feel safe, protected, and how to surrender to his touch...

And even though he has been missing for the past 9 months, I still love ❤️ him and wait for him every day, and pray for his return every night.

I wish you love like that...